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Rubber has created our modern chemical industrial complex as it helped to solidify the presence of Bayer, Dupont and others to drive the synthetic economy. The question now is: Will rubber define a new era of economic transition?

Great civilizations have fallen because they failed to prevent the degradation of the soils on which they were founded. Our world today could suffer the same fate.
Research out of Japan shows that walking in the woods may play a role in fighting cancer. 
"As other class participants arrived, it was apparent that we were indeed a “clan” of sorts. There was instantaneous connection and an awe and wonder for the Earth and all that her majesty has to offer us - and more, about what we can offer back..."
By Tamara McLellan
" The land is the text by which we learn to live. Her secrets represent everything we need to know about applying life’s foundation..."
Connecting the forest to everything...
People closer to the Earth and the plant spirits knew a lot about food and medicines. Five hundred years after Columbus we have yet to develop one staple crop from the wild, we have merely worked from existing genetic materials provided to us by indigenous people. 
or not
To this day, water continues to be a mystery to us, but instead of celebrating our spiritual connection to water and how it supports life, we celebrate its function. For many of us water has become simply an instrument for us to consume; but for a few, water remains mysterious and sacred because it holds certain secrets – like that long standing question:
Where does it come from?
Searching for the soul of water
in the presence of Undines
Between 2002 and 2011, its global market value almost tripled, reaching $62.8 billion. With grocery and health-food stores, food production and distribution companies all sprouting up in the name of organic, the consumer bandwagon for healthy and environmentally conscious food choices is also a sales-boosting goldmine.   
By Toni Hiatt
means to be ‘Organic’
The demand for organic food is growing, and fast.
Lucrative Labeling and what it
It was a legendary medicinal substance created by steeping a human cadaver in honey. In the Arab world the mummy trade represented horrific atrocities. 
early alchemy
We really don’t know what to expect as climate shifts occur and no place is it more evident than within the microscopic world of plant life that surrounds our every waking moment. The spread of newly discovered “decomposers” can be found creeping northward as the western North America climate warms and desertification mixes with urbanization.  These microscopic fungal spores of Coccidioides which is a genus of dimorphic ascomycetes in the family Onygenaceae have member species which are the cause of coccidioidomycosis, also known as San Joaquin Valley Fever, an infectious fungal disease caused by inhaling airbourne spores which travel within dust and other particulate matter.
The Mysterious
San Joaquin
Valley Fever
Is the toxic chemical war we are waging on invasive plants doing more harm than good?

Invasive Plants: Noxious Enemy or Remedial Friend?
The Forest Almanac is a production from the Wildcraft Forest School Extension Program
The Forest Almanac seeks to educate, advocate and explore the regenerative forest through sentience, stewardship, science, spirit and sanctuary. As a production from the Wildcraft Forest School Extension Program we endeavor to bring a greater understanding of natural systems and the tools required so that we may better rewild planet Earth. This e-magazine helps people explore environmental problems from a practical, how-to standpoint. We explore the forest, natural systems and responsible travel, innovation, renewable energy, recycling, organic agricultural practices, whole food and wellness. We also tackle tough issues from a neighborhood and village perspective like education, affordable housing and innovation within the localization movement.
Our Community Supported Wildcrafting (CSW) membership helps with the planting, growing, care and harvesting of wild systems; at the same time members learn various aspects of plant spirit medicines, which include Yasei Shinrin Yoku Programs. Members might help for the day or for a few days at a time or simply use their membership as their way to retreat into nature for quiet times. You will have access to special events which includes the Free Energy Festival, Roots and Resins, the Indigo Series and the Shelter Revolution.
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This design and restoration camp series at the Wildcraft Forest School includes Wild Dynamic Permaculture Design Certification. The series focuses on rewilding farms, gardens, communities and interface landscapes and provides participants with a range of learning environments that includes both classroom and project work in the field. Presented within three camps this series also focuses on Wild Habitat Forests, Food Forests and Medicine Forests that includes stewardship methods.
Sanctuary Forest 
Wild Dynamic Stewardship and Regeneration Certification
This series is ideal for people interested in spirituality, theology and the science of body, mind and spirit and has been developed to support cross cultural understanding, and addressing issues associated with “meaning and purpose”.
Shamanic Coaching
Wild Dynamic Energy Medicine and Biofield Therapy Certification
A Camp Series at the Wildcraft Forest
The Ancient Arts
This certification includes Mind, Body and Nature Intervention Practices. This Wildcraft Forest School camp series offers an advanced program for understanding and working with wild plants for the application of unique foods and medicines. This series is ideal for healthcare professionals and food specialists. The series includes wild plant characteristics and properties within a number of wild ecosystems and places them into a context that includes plant spirit medicine.
Wildcrafted Food and Medicine Certification
Wild Food and Medicine
The Forest Almanac is a production from the Wildcraft Forest School Extension Program
A step towards 
 using insects?
A project by a research agency of the US Department of Defense could easily be misused for developing biological weapons.
Yasei Shinrin-Yoku Teachers Training
Yasei Shinrin Yoku Teachers Training provides participants
with certification to perform Wild Forest Bathing.
Shinrin Yoku
Ancient Fires: Eastern forests wildcrafted by humans long before “First Contact”
Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Indigenous People had played a major role in determining and maintaining the diversity of their wild ecosystems. 
Juniper: A powerful medicine for body and spirit
With this story, Juniper has come into your life so that you can become aware of this plant spirit medicine – it may be important for your life right now. 
Limited seeds in the soil combined with a drying climate seriously impact post-wildfire forest regeneration
The rapid growth of human encroachment into protected areas and wild habitat
The question that we have to ask ourselves is this, “When does a protected area cease to become a protected area?”
Forests are having a hard time re-establishing themselves after a wildfire. This lack of tree seedling establishment represents a crucial bottleneck limiting coniferous forest recovery. 
Climate change, Bats and Covid-19 
Global greenhouse gas emissions over the last century have made southern China a hotspot for bat-borne coronaviruses, by driving growth of forest habitat favoured by bats.
Seeds transfer their microbes
to the next generation
Research shows that oak acorns contain a large diversity of microbes, and that oak seedlings inherit their microbiome from these acorns. The microorganisms found on the seed are often valuable for the plant, promoting its growth and protecting it against certain diseases. Each plant species harbors a distinct microbial community.
Removing nature from our everyday lives has reached epidemic proportions as human civilization has become more urbanized. This is causing us to actually lose sight of both trees and the forest. This element of nature deficit disorder is called “plant blindness” and it represents an informally-proposed form of cognitive bias, which in its broadest meaning, is a human tendency to ignore plant species.
The effects of nature-deficit disorder on our children will have "profound implications, not only for the health of future generations but for the health of the Earth itself." While we might be protecting the natural environment, there is a cost for that protection and that might be our children's relationship with nature, which profoundly shapes their ecocultural identities.
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