The Forest Almanac is published by Wildcraft Forest School Extension, Canada’s leading centre for wild regeneration, this web portal represents extension work and services that the school delivers within its Sanctuary Forest Network and beyond.

At the Wildcraft Forest School we offer skills, insights and inspiration for creating good stewardship and positive change in the world. We engage our participants in transformative education that includes wild dynamics, personal empowerment, responsibility and co-mentorship. Our courses integrate experiential learning and ancient wisdom within the context of wildcrafting.

Our Extension Program represents projects, tools, advocacy and services which are delivered by the school through student and volunteer engagement and through social enterprise activities which help to sustain and regenerate Wildcraft Forest School activities.

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The School
The Wildcraft Forest School issues a series of certifications linked to wildcrafting, Yasei Shinrin Yoku, the ancient arts and regenerative stewardship. We also offer seasonal camps, workshops, seminars, fieldtrips and distance learning.
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Sanctuary Forests
The Wildcraft Forest practices regenerative forest stewardship, which includes propagating “whole forest systems”; this includes the forest over-story and the under-story. We have created a network of Yasei Sanctuary Forests, which serve as protected forests where each is used as a base to protect and restore wild ecosystems while propagating wild and domesticated food and medicine crops in small wild dynamic gardens.
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Wild Regeneration
Through volunteer efforts and through the sale of Wildcraft Forest tea, products and educational services we deliver regenerative efforts that are described by many to be “good work for the living planet, places and people”. So every time you support us, it helps us with various efforts.
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Special Projects
The Wildcraft Forest School Extension Program develops projects that will expand the practice of practical wild regeneration within places and within human consciousness. Our projects attempt to support stewardship, sentience, science, spirit and sanctuary. 
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Wildcraft Forest School Extension works with leading edge thinkers and the scientific community to deliver research based on what wildcrafters are discovering in wild habitat. We also deliver research that explores new foods, medicines, craft and restoration methods which we then incubate into micro-enterprises. Here is a sampler of some of the research that we perform.
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The Forest Almanac seeks to educate, advocate and explore the regenerative forest through sentience, stewardship, science, spirit and sanctuary. As a production from the Wildcraft Forest School Extension Program we endeavor to bring a greater understanding of natural systems and the tools required so that we may better rewild planet Earth. This e-magazine helps people explore environmental problems from a practical, how-to standpoint. We explore the forest, natural systems and responsible travel, innovation, renewable energy, recycling, organic agricultural practices, whole food and wellness. We also tackle tough issues from a neighborhood and village perspective like education, affordable housing and innovation within the localization movement.
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